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quick review
okay, so let’s get a quick review of this weekend. first off, ponderosa is the continental league champion again in football, the first ever back-to-back winners! the mustangs beat d.c. 24-9 in a very fun to watch, and it’s off to state! go mustangs! i was on the sidelines as usual, snapping away. if you didn’t already know, i’m the director of photography for yearbook (which is one heck of a job!) so i’m always there at the games taking pictures. i love it! photography is the bomb! two of my friends were having �issues� at the game, but since they seem to be over that, i
don’t think i need to expound. also this weekend, i have been thinking about, what else, girls… and i’m all confuddled. specially about the one that i really like which i’ll fill ya in on later.
da site
the site is coming together nicely, and i’ve almost got some of my styles and layouts done. i found the coolest site, css zen garden and it is the best demonstration of the power of css i have ever seen! i’ve got to try to model my site after it. also, i’ve absolutely fallen in love with canon’s digital rebel 300d, it is the best rebel canon has ever made. in the first 13 hours that i had it, i took over 1200 pictures! now i’ve just gotta save enough to buy one for my elf!
in school, ya know what is the bomb? i’ve got two b’s, but i still have a 4.0 gpa! how awesome is that? how you ask? it’s elementary my dear watson, ap classes, ap classes. hooray! i’ve also finished redesigning pondersa’s web site, tho i’m not too sure about the layout, at this link. i had to deal with a lot of politics and bureaucracies and restrictions while designing this one, so it’s not all i wanted it to be.
i’ve decided to put a whishlist on the site somewhere, so you can buy me things i need. 😉 the fist things to go on include a second generation ipod, a dual cd player, and either a jbl creature white speaker set, or an altec lansing lft speaker set. just in case, ya know, you’ve got some exra bucks lying around.