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hey peeps! well, i’m in an incredibly festive mood because today is my favorite holiday, thanksgiving! so ya, it’s sweet! i’m in jackson hole, wyo, the only, and i mean only location in wyoming that could remotely be considered pretty. we are here at my cousin’s condo, and it’s great. i’m here with my favorite cousins, great relatives (yes i have a lot and yes i like them ;)) and there is like two feet of snow on the ground and turkey for everyone! what has been going on in the past few days? let’s see, well, i made some money the other nite doing a web design job, and i’m trying really hard on it, and quite happy with the results so far. it’s got a backend php base that i’ve made from scrap (yes i know you’re all interested) so i’ve learned alot and done a pretty decent job. okay, on to more relatable matters…
while in jackson, after driving for 9 hours forever we got here, and we are in this like luxury condo. the kind of thing you expect at such a ski resort. amazingly, my uncle’s got the wireless aircard, so we’ve got internet access. we went to see elf tonite, and there were two highlights in the film:

  1. the keebler fire in the first 30 seconds and
  2. the text message i got from my three buds, amanda, amelia, and katie. thanks guys! you made the movie

my recommendation? don’t see it. the keebler fire was great, if you’ve seen it, you know what i’m talkin about. i was gonna do a thanksgiving layout for the site, but i ran out of time, so i’ll have a delayed one. then i’ll do one for christmas, new years, my b-day… etc. just have to have time.
well, don’t know what much else to say. o yeah! ponderosa is going to the state championships! don’t forget to listen to 850 koa or 9 news this saturday at 11 to watch/listen to ponderosa crush overland! rock on ponderosa!
later days all!