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well, haven’t posted anything in a while, thought i might as well. here’s all the boring stuff that’s been going on… hmmm, well, yearbook continues to suck my life away. everyday this week i’ve had to stay after school to complete yearbook assignments, sometimes till 6. stinks. i love it, but sometimes it is just waaay too much. i suppose that’s what you get for being photo editor. anywho, for it, we’ve taken all the sports pages, and did 3-frame quick action shots to put on the bottom of the pages (oops, that’s confidential info, not supposed to know that ;)) like those ones you see in sports illustrated you know, that are taken like a fraction of a second after each other. hopefully it turns out cool.
my friend and i decided we are going to move to utah after he gets his black belt, so that we can be surrounded by beautiful mormon girls. almost every single girl in utah is beautiful. now, that’s not to say that there are not any in other states, don’t get me wrong! just that seems to be the case in utah. and then after we live there for a while, we’re gonna move to hawaii, and be surf-bums for the rest of our lives. can ya tell we’re bored? there is still no snow here! dangit!
ooooooooooh! i got my new speakers that i was talking about! my creative i-trigue 3300’s. they are so sweeeeet! more bass than my home theater system, really sexy, and all for half-price on ebay! i’m loving it!
i should have some photo tutorials up this weekend, if i get the time. i’ll start off with basic stuff, like rule of thirds, angles, composition, etc. the stuff you really need to take good pictures. soon you guys will easily be surpassing me. well, gotta do some more homework. grrr. see ya’all later!