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i’ve got a lot of random thoughts gathered up over the past few days that i thought i’d share with the world. so here goes some randomness:
i realized that i like snow for two reasons.

  1. so school can be canceled and
  2. because it is fun to drive in (as long as there is no risk of hitting other objects)

during my thanksgiving break (my most favorite holiday btw) my family and i were up in jackson hole, wyo. there, we had my dad’s laptop, and my cousin’s laptop. my dad’s had no internet connection, but by some miracle, my cousin’s had a wireless gprs modem, which is like connecting your cell phone to your laptop and using it for an internet connection. in a bunch of ways. for example, it was slooooooooooooooower than molasses. it literally took me 23 minutes to sign on to msn. checking email took forever. one of those things where you get up and watch
a christmas special, then come back to see if it is done. and while all of that was occuring, i luckily had my cell phone, with service too! however, a bunch of my friends that i wanted to call were in different states. so either i couldn’t get online, or they weren’t online, or they weren’t at home, or i didn’t know their number. i suffered from what i would like to call, �communication seperation syndrome� or css. i couldn’t get a hold or talk to anybody, and i was about to die by the weeks end! i’m so used to being in constant communication and contact with everyone, either in person, or on the phone or over im, that a few days of no talk drove me insane! how sad is that? well, i’ve learned my lesson. not be so technology-dependent? noo, of course not! find a cell phone with instant messaging built in! coming soon: a review of all the free music players worth mentioning out there, and the ultimate champ.