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for any of you who have ever lived in colorado, you know the weather is about as far from predictable as possible. for those of you who don’t, here’s a quick summary of the last 4 days in colorado. thursday hot, unusually hot, 92 degrees. it’s the end of october for crying out loud! and what else? 3 forest fires start today! one is like only 10 miles from my house, growing fast, and tons of people have been evacuated! been there done that… friday chilly, it’s halloween, and is the custom in colorful colorado, it must be absolutely freezing and snow. it does. and yesterday it was 89 degrees! saturday cold again, overcast. sunday and again cold! i live at the top of the hill in my town, which is almost the highest point around, and so whenever it is foggy or there are low clouds, you can’t see anything! it is sooo cool! i can barely make out the house next to me! so yup, there’s the forecast. 92 degrees and forest fires to freezing with snow.
happy november!