Unfortunately, podq.com is no longer maintained. Please visit my new site at http://www.joshualyman.com for new and updated content. Thank you!

for all of your information, my server was attacked christmas eve through a major hacker attack, destroying everything on the server. not only did my site go down, but all of my clients. they were not happy. i found a new host, put everyone on that, just to find out that they were crappy. don’t use bestreseller.com. terrible support, and broken stuff all over the place. since then i have moved on to equivity.com, which i am very happy with. an actual, established company, imagine that!
anyways… so i had to reupload all my databases and reassign dns entries. and guess what?? i’m back! hooray! yes yes, you can all stop cheering now, it’s okay. so hopefully, this won’ happen again!