Unfortunately, podq.com is no longer maintained. Please visit my new site at http://www.joshualyman.com for new and updated content. Thank you!

so here’s what’s broken now, the list keeps getting longer. i know that most of my viewers are using ie6, (one viewer is using 5.5), the next largest percentage the standards-compliant opera (yaaaaaay! go opera! i use opera), and then a few other rebels who like mozilla and safari. so until the site is anywhere back again, i’ll unfortunately have to target for the large wacked-out browser of ie6. sorry fellow opera fans, the day is coming back soon! here’s the list of fixes:

  • finish crisp layout out
  • make crisp cross-browser compliant (ya right)
  • bring back code for photo gallery
  • make the other layouts cross-browser compliant (never)
  • finish customization of template file
  • reinstate custom entries and such i forgot what i meant by this so….

okay, so it’s been a few days, and i’ve been working hard to restore the site to what it was (or wasn’t) before the upgrade to wordpress 1.0. basically, almost everything to you guys is 90 % done, except for photos, which i’m waiting for a fellow blogger to update code with. also, all custom styles have been moved back to experimental status. why? because things changed in the template of the new wp, and so i have to accomodate for those changes. should be finished entirely by the end of the week, hopefully with a completed ’crisp’ template that will become the site’s new look. very experimental today. also, that date is pending the return of the code for the photo gallery, so hold your breath!