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okay, now i know all of you absolutely adore this site, and out of your own vainness want to wear it around everywhere. well, i haven’t made shirts yet, but here’s the next best thing… wallpapers! yay! now you can have podq on your desktop every time you turn on your computer! what a wonderful christmas present! available in 800×600 and 1024×768 in jpg and png formats.

bananas: [1]800×600.jpg [2]800×600.png [3]1024×768.jpg [4]1024×768.png
wheat waves: [5]800×600.jpg [6]800×600.png [7]1024×768.jpg [8]1024×768.png
subway: [9]800×600.jpg [10]800×600.png [11]1024×768.jpg [12]1024×768.png