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january 1, 2004. that’s a cool looking date! well, it’s the first of the new year, and hopefully firsts for a whole lot of cool things. like probably most bloggers out there, i feel required to post today. who knows why. o and also, i was looking at other peoples blogs, and since i’ve had this site on backburner, i realize that all of my designs suck. wires is kind of cool, but i haven’t sat down yet to make some really cool designs and interfaces. so guess what!? get ready for some of those!

score! i’m going snowboarding tomorrow in lovely colorado. i’ve always gone skiing before, so this will be a new adventure and exciting. i don’t know, i guess i’m just kind of bored of skiing. and i’m going with my best friend, so it should be lots of fun. well, i’ll fill ya in on it later! toodaloos!

also, my first real publication/post/regular column will be published on january the 3rd. cuz i like the number three. and guess what? it will have to do with the law of thirds! o how interesting! well, after that, i should be posting every other day, to keep myself on schedule. well, see ya later!