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so i just enabled microsoft cleartype on my monitor, after having run the microsoft cleartype tuner. it is very interesting. all my text in the os appears much smoother, yet much bolder. i’m trying to decide whether i like it or not.
it looks almost more like a mac os x box, which has a cleartype-related technology of it’s own. cleartype was made specifically for lcd monitors, but says it is also for use on crt’s, which is what i am running. because it was developed in conjuction with adobe, i feel okay about it, but the fact that everything is bolder just has me a little worried. if you do turn on cleartype, i highly suggest you run the tuner at the link above, otherwise, your text may appear very, um, �colorful�.
anybody else have any opinions on cleartype? benefits, doubts, etc.? let me know, comment on.