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a great little utility i’ve found is called “feed on feeds” by steve minutillo. it is a php script that sits on your server and acts as a desktop news aggregator for rss and atom – with one key difference. it doesn’t reside on your desktop, but instead on your server, so no matter where you go, you always have access to your favorite feeds, and when you return from a business trip or whatever, you don’t have to spend time synching up old feeds with new ones. i’ve taken great interest in this project, and released a new version of it that includes css and xhtml validation, to make it more pretty and standards compliant. i’m pretty proud of it, and i urge you to try it out, i think you’ll like it! the project is under constant development, and can be accessed at sourceforge. you can download my release of it including the css update here:

  • feed on feeds v0.1.3 download zip (37kb)
  • click on â€?view photosâ€? for screenshots