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hey everybody,

so yesterday, i was driving to school, and it had been snowing because, um, it’s colorado. anyways, i was coming down the hill, when my rear end swung around and i spun out. no big deal, i’ve done it before. i looked at my tire, and sure enough, it was off, but not by much, so i just took it to get the tires realigned, i need to do it anyways. after the mechanics have a sword-fight with brooms, they come back and tell me that 4 different parts are bent, and they have to fix them all, for $918. um, no. i took it to one of my friends who is an excellent mechanic. one part was bent, but it is only going to cost $219 from the dealer, $100 everywhere else. i’m kind of bummed out tho, i have to come up with a bunch of money really fast.

i had to sell my camera (i’m crying about this!) on ebay, please someone bid on it! better yet, do the buy-it now option! canon rebel 2000 and a bunch of other stuff too. anybody want to help out?

o well, life is still good overall. hopefully i’ll scrap together a really quick entry for alex king’s css competition tonite. i had some really awesome ideas, but as is evident, a couple of events have kept me from pursuing. also, i added some new photos to my gallery, i’m really behind on those too, as i don’t have a scanner right now. hopefully on monday things will be better.