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so life is going well. better than it was at least. i’m no longer selling my camera (thank heavens!) but i found the part, so things should go a little better. i shot our school’s wrestling championship against our rival school and we won, so i’m happier. plus, it’s the weekend! hooray!

well google has some interesting things going on over there. they put out a copycat of friendster.com called delta 300’ (made it up) and lo and behold, a flight in flight from san juan to atlanta, georgia, including real time flight statistics, map, and position. woah. and did you know what the statistics are on people that go and “google” new people they meet to find out about them. and it returns results??? weird. on the other hand, google is extremely powerful, and indexes new sites very fast. my tiny little humble site is regoogled a few times a day. awesome!

rss feeds
speaking of google, google provides an rss feed about news updates. don’t know what a rss feed is? well basically, it is a small version of a site that applications can use to get the latest news/updates/items from your favorite websites. podq live provides an rss feed, just scroll down to the bottom of the menu and find the ’meta’ item. a few other cool rss feeds:

  • google: xml
  • dilbert: rss
  • usgs recent earthquakes: xml
  • itunes new releases: rss