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so i put up a new style called �flower�, which is actually the entry i hacked together in about 20 minutes for the over at Alex King’s. i entered because i mostly wanted to get a style on the list, so people would see it and for exposure. it is also a style i had been putting together for my own site, so i just transferred it over. the picture in the background is one i took, and is viewable in the flaura photo gallery. hope ya like it!
car back today hooray! now i just gotta get a cheap wheel for it. and have it aligned. o well, it only costed $134 with tax, which is tons less than $918, so i’m happy!
o ya, and after posting about rss feeds, i realized that nobody would know how to use these, for which you need a newsreader. the one i would recommend is a piece of free software called vox lite, very easy to configure and use, comes with quick built-browser. try it out!