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One Crazy Poke Fan! Oh it was so exciting! I went to the BYU Basketball game (me being a big BYU fan – check out the byu-experimental style) versus Utah on Friday, and boy was it great! My fam and I had on the whole blue-and-white garb, with BYU logos imprinted all over us. While the game didn’t go so great, ending in a 51-54 loss, it was still exciting to see. There were a couple of really good adrenaline rushes throughout the entire event, especially when we made a 7 point comeback with Lemes and Hall on a fake-3 point shot. What a way to get the crowd going! I believe about half of the crowd in attendance was Wyoming Poke fans, disgruntled that BYU beat them the day before, but still had already paid for the tickets 😉 There was one man in particular who was just a hoot to watch! Evidently very disgruntled, he was going insane on every Utah basket, and after big plays would point out his arm and yell â€?Count that Baby!â€? At first I was taken aback, but afterwards, it was rather humorous. A picture of him is at right. He is one of those fans that you are glad came to the game for entertainment purposes, but rather happy that you don’t know personally ;-).
Overall, it was a great experience, and even better knowing that BYU was given a ticket to the NCAA National Championships, facing Syracuse March 18th at the Pepsi Center. Hope I can get tickets to that! Go BYU! O ya, I also discovered that you can use binoculars to give your cell phone camera telephoto capabilities! Haha, great what you can discover when you’re bored after a game! Go BYU!