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Wow, do you like the plan? I’m excited! Perhaps too excited!
I managed to download and burn the ISO for Darwin 7.0.1. Pretty straightforward right? Correct! I even partitioned my hard drive correctly using BootIt NG a very nice and very advanced little partitioner and boot loader. I specified 0xA8 as my filesystem type, because HFS obviously wasn’t a default. I had set aside 10 gigs for a nice little Darwin installation. Besides that partition, I have my main partition (60 gigs now) and the factory-restore partition (2 gigs). When you pop in the Darwin CD, it boots up wonderfully, asks if you want to install or drop to a shell, and then asks you where you want to install it. Well, I picked the option that said �Use existing partitions� because I had already set mine up, correct? It then proceeds to ask you which partition to try, but that’s where the problems begin. For me, it listed the following partitions:

  • /disk0s1/
  • /disk0s3/
  • /disk0s5/

Hmmm, very cryptic, but I figure I could handle it, looked like the way XP assigns partition names. I thought, â€?I have three partitions, I’ll just install it to the last one, since the HFS partition is the last one set up.â€? Note: This is the point when your finger is on the enter key and your mind is racing to remember if you backed up everything. I had So naturally, I picked the third choice, /disk0s5/. The installer immediately proceeds to unpack all of it’s necessary files, which takes about 20 minutes, afterwhich, it gives you a log-in and reboot option. I figured I had better check my XP installation to see if I just managed to overwrite anything, since it is a family computer. I booted just fine into XP, data looked great. That is, all except for my old â€?RESTOREâ€? partition, which now reads â€?Local Disk – Unformattedâ€?. Bu bu buuuuum! Woops! I just decompressed an entire new OS onto the restore partition of a current OS, and it wasn’t even the right filesystem! What a mess!

Well luckily, I have never even touched the restore partition since I got the computer, always thought about getting rid of it anyways. The more I thought about it, the more it made sense why /disk0s5/ was the restore partition, and not the expected HFS one. The main data partition I use is a primary partition using NTFS. The restore partition is a logical volume of a second primary partition, running FAT32. So if you think about it, the first primary partition would be 1, BUT the next primary partition would be 3 and the volume (restore partition) would be 5. Makes sense. But where did the HFS partition go, and why didn’t the Darwin installer pick up on that? But anyways, that’s my first adventure with my long haul of getting OS X on my PC! Anyone got any tips? 😉 It’s been an exciting day!

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Hi, I’d like to see how this project unfolds! Let me know if you are able to get X working under Darwin/x86–I’m using OpenDarwin ppc 7.2.1, and X isn’t working for me. Trying to get KDE installed (which I did using Fink), but ‘startx’ just gives me a blank screen with a cursor. Tried configuring the xinitrc file but to no avail.

July 17, 2005 3:06 am