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I’ve been feeling bad about not updating anyone with Darwin, so today this will have to suffice, as I’m still struggling with our evolutionary friend. Yesterday/Today (released yesterday, dated today, April 1) Google announced a new service, namedGmail, that is a web-based email solution, but you don’t really sort your mail, you search it. Offering between 500MB’s to 1 GIGABYTE of space, it would be a welcome alternative to Yahoo! Mail or Hotmail. It is speculated that to maintain the �freeness� of it, something similar to Google’s Adwords would be added to the service. Hey, I can live with those. If it’s from Google, it could work! On the other hand, speculation is running rampant throughout the blog communities and even major news sources that it is an April Fools joke. Google has been known to fake out people before, usually in a light-hearted manner. They change the logo on the search page for holidays, include languages like �Pig-Latin� for those polygluts, and have generally humorous texts. They have also discussed their ranking technology and as well as their recently released lunar location. People are arguing this way and that, citing when the domains were registered (some yesterday, some a while ago), press releases, and quotes from Google’s VP, Jonathan Rosenberg, and much much more. If it is simply a hoax, bummer, but excellently planned! We’ll have to wait till tomorrow to find out if it is here to stay. Check out the press release: