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Well well well, Apple pops out another version of their incredible music-hording app, iTunes, and I like it. There are other sites that can tell you about the new features, so I won’t, I’ll just put in my personal opinion and a funny oddity I discovered on Apple’s site. Apple thinks DRM is unnecessary for Windows Media files!

What’s new that they mixed in? The biggest additions are the â€?Playlist Shuffleâ€? and â€?iMixâ€? features. Playlist shuffle is really cool because it gives me a feature that I’ve wanted in iTunes forever. Much like MusicMatch Jukebox, it will create a random playlist of songs, and allow you to pick and choose the ones you want to hear. Sure, you could use this at a party… if you were a geeky host behind your computer half the time deselecting songs. The only way to make this feature better is to allow certain songs to be selecting based on genre, BPM’s, etc. However, you can kind of achieve this through the use of Smart Playlists.

And iMix’s? Well, I suppose it’s cool, I can choose my playlists to publish onto the iTunes Music Store so others can listen to the preview clips (and Apple hopes, buy some of those clips) and have others rate your mix. I can see a power struggle right now for the top rated mix. Oh boy… too much â€?communityâ€? going on here. 😉 But if you want to vote for mine, haha, find â€?uplink’s Top Ratedâ€? and give it a 5!

Now what is this all about Apple and their �generous usage rights� (or something like that)? I like it, you can have the file on 3 computers, burn up to 10 playlists to CD’s (and then change it and burn some more) and so on. But check out what a little sidebar on the Apple website can reveal about their thoughts on Microsoft’s attempt to stop the insurge of piracy. Hmmm, seems the Senior Jobs does not think that Window’s Media Player music should be protected, so all of that music can float on over to iTunes. Huh. Works for me! No DRM! LOL, later days!