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Just a bunch of miscellaneous updates that don’t warrant their own posts:

  1. Ummm, Google has 100,00 servers in their farm. Um, ya, that’s alot 😉 Extremely interesting actually. Google Servers
  2. Everyone knows how you can cheat on the Pepsi-product bottles to always get an iTunes song. Problem is, with everyone knowing about it, there aren’t too many winning caps readily available! I spent a good 2 minutes trying to find a good cap in Wal-Mart, with everyone probably wondering �What is that guy doing to those sodas?� O well, I found one eventually!
  3. I turned off my computer last night, and lo and behold, the Num Lock key, which was lit when it was on, stayed on when I turned the computer off. Now I know that I still have current flowing through until I physically disconnect the power cord, but I have never seen keyboard lights staying on after a power-off. Who knew!
  4. Yay! A new wishlist item! Now this is one nifty item I found in Wired Magazine (gotta love Wired). Instead of those cool little bouncing balls on your desk, it is a stylish-looking set of analog dials that represent a bunch of different items such as Emails you have, visitors to your site, network traffic, and plenty more. Called the “Executive Dashboardâ€? from Ambient, you choose the three of your favorite readings, and place the corresponding face plates behind the dial. The statistics are sent through radio waves. I want one of these!