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I was just the glad participant in a survey conducted by the grand State of Colorado. We took this extremely pleasant survey in the beginning of our free period at school. 99 Questions, and the survey was entitled �How Bad of a Kid are YOU?� Let me tell you what, unless you live in one of two schools in this state, you answered A or B for nearly every single question. What kind of questions were asked? Well, �During your life, how many times have you used metha*mphetamines (also called speed, crystal, crank, or ice)?� Hmmm, since I’m not an inner-city poverty stricken individual, the answer to that would have to be A, 0 times. Or, �How old were you when you first carried a handgun?� With answers ranging from 8 years old or younger to 17 years or older, I’d have to answer NEVER. Duh.

It was by far, the most, top of the peak, tip of the iceberg with a freakin cherry on top, ga*yest survey I have ever taken. Ever. Period. Not only that, but the survey only took 20 minutes, 15 minus the instructions. And they kept me in the classroom for an hour, during which I could get nothing done. Except for write this rant about how ticked off I am. Dangit.

All in all, I feel very protected by the State Board of Education and am very thankful for their concern with my safety.

Now please go away.