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The Terminal – Tom Hanks

Now here comes what looks like a good movie for a change! “The Terminal” is about a man who comes from an Eastern European country that dissolved while he was on the plane to America. Thus, because of customs, he is not allowed to enter US soil and must stay in the airport. Somewhere between a comedy, a romance, and a feel-good movie, I’m definitely seeing this one!

Starring Tom Hanks and Catherine Zeta-Jones (oooooh ;-)) the acting should be really superb. The plot is also original, something I haven’t ever seen before anyways. Comes out June 18th, o wait! That’s today!!! Well maybe I can swing up a date for tomorrow!

Watch the Trailer

Update: Well my parents went to see it, and guess what? They said it was boring! Dangit, I thought it was going to be good!