Unfortunately, podq.com is no longer maintained. Please visit my new site at http://www.joshualyman.com for new and updated content. Thank you!

Every decent site needs a colophon. This is the part where, like my yearbook, I get to talk about all the fancy fonts and production techniques I used, that will probably receive little understanding to those who do not know what a colophon is in the first place. But hey, I like’em!

  • This site is entirely run and operated by [2]Josh Lyman, an aspiring graphic designer who will be enjoying his senior year this year, and hopefully continuing on to Brigham Young University – Provo.
  • I’m #15 and #20 on Google for searching “Josh Lyman”… stinking West Wing. Actually, I like the West Wing, Josh is cool, but he’s got a doofy haircut. I own 3 full DVD sets of the seasons. When my name is number 1, I will have a big party, and give something away free on my site.
  • Font designated for display: Perpetua | Download Perpetua
    • Most users do not have this font installed, so you can download Perpetua here and install it. Isn’t this illegal? Well, the license says that the font is allowed to be temporarily embedded on a system, so as long as you uninstall it when you decided never to come back to my site again, you may use it.
  • podq live is hosted by the highly reliable Equivity Hosting, and I in turn host people upon occasion.
  • podq live is powered by the incredible open-source project WordPress, currently running version 1.3-alpha5 with several interesting and helpful plugins. The index page is heavily hacked out, but the rest is rather intact. Before WordPress 0.72, there were only SSI’s used to run this site, so the clouds have broken.
  • On good days, the site validates as XHTML 1.0 Transitional, Section 508, CSS, and all that schwah.