Unfortunately, podq.com is no longer maintained. Please visit my new site at http://www.joshualyman.com for new and updated content. Thank you!

I have finally found, restructured, hacked, and completed the portfolio section for my photography. It is based on the growing Photostack script, and takes the place of the old WP-Photos hack by Alex King. For this reason, you will not see pictures if you go to individual posts like you used to. There will be a new link in each of the posts to go to a new gallery, or you can click on the big pictures on the front page, or you can always click on the featured picture at the top, or you can click on the link below. Have at it guys!

Enter the podq live Photography Gallery

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WOW! Absolutely incredible. I really like the Denver Temple shots. Yet your flaura is still my favorite-especially your iris! You are so
awesome! Keep up the great talent!

December 24, 2004 10:27 pm