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Sometimes your blood just boils when you hear of giant conglomerates working together to stop you, the single consumer, from doing things you would normally without a second thought. Two examples from today:

  1. A new bill being run through the Senate about P2P apps that �induce� crime; includes line-by-line rebuttal: http://www.corante.com/importance/archives/004563.html
  2. IBM, Intel, Sony, Microsoft, Warner Bros., Walt Disney and Panasonic are now working together to stop you from recording HDTV broadcasts that you have already paid for. http://news.com.com/Tech%2C+Hollywood+heavyweights+create+content+coalition/2100-10253-5268315.html?tag=nefd.lede
  3. Combine this with other things, like the DMCA, CD Copy Protection (gag me), or the RIAA lying about sales to make people think CD sales were down, when they weren’t, and you feel slightly belittled by everything. Of course, then you realize that none of this has affected you, and the customer has still one! Chalk one up for the educated consumer!