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Whilst filling out an application for college scholarships, one of the questions was to give a brief biographical description of yourself (300 words or less). “Not too shabby, I can talk about all of the different countries I’ve lived in,” I thought. But how to start it…

You just know that every applicant in the world is going to start off with “I was born in…” So I asked a few of my trusted friends some different ideas for beginning a biography. Here, in no particular order of quality or seriousness, is what we came up with.

  • “Once upon a time…”
  • “Hi my name is _____ and I am dumb.” (Great for the scholarship apps!)
  • “I came out of my mom in…”
  • “My first moments of independent life…”
  • “I began my journey to success on…” (You go-getter you!)
  • “My mom gave birth to the 8th Wonder of the World on…”

But if none of those suit you for some reason or another, here are some rather intelligent ones:

  • “My life has been like a…”
  • “My parents named me….”
  • “My favorite color has always been… because…”

Have fun with your next autobiography! You only get one.

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lol,those are the cutest.i loved the ways ta start an
biography,aww.lol.yall go getters yall,lol.good job.
write me back kk, thanx kristin

August 22, 2005 8:46 pm

LMAOO! i’m gonna use this!


May 5, 2008 8:13 pm