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Yashicamat 124
Whilst digging around my photo teacher’s box of old photographic equipment, I happened across a funny looking camera. It had two lenses, odd knobs all over the place, and a large winder on one side. After exploring the camera for a little bit, I pulled at the top and voila – a large lasered screen 2″ x 2″ stood before my eyes. I had found a medium format camera!

After further inspection and inquiring my teacher (Mr. McGill, one of the coolest guys ever, fourth time I’ve taken his class :)) I found out that I had a Yashicamat 124, a medium-format camera produced in Japan in the 60’s. It shoots 120 and 240 film, includes a light meter powered by a battery that is no longer produced, and is fully manual. Exciting!

Mr. McGill was kind enough to let me take it home, and as soon as I can get to Wolf or Mikes, I will be picking myself up a roll of 120 to shoot away. Stay posted for the results.