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Just going through the administrative motions (updating WordPress, going through referrall logs, etc.) and noticed just some odd things going on. You may or may not be interested in this, but hey, it’s mostly for my own records anyway.

  1. Referrall logs can reveal some interesting sources, such as a referrall from Anarchy.org.au, “Your starting point for the anarchist movement in Australia.” Um, should I really be driving traffic to this site? 😉
  2. Amazingly, I’m result 16 for “EFY” in Google, which is kind of crazy. EFY is a massively popular weeklong youth summer program in my church, and to find myself at number 16 for my post EFY Rocks! is kind of funny.
  3. In the top 100 results for search phrases used to get to my site are these interesting results:
    • 4: Picture of Cuba
    • 11: Christmasy names
    • 24:illegal fireworks
    • 35: 143
    • 36: 2382
    • 48: womenswallstreet
    • 59: huggues hoppe married
  4. My browser marketshare goes like this:
    • IE: 26.28%
    • Firefox: 14.95%
    • Mozilla Compatible Agent: 10.56%
    • Opera: 7.42%
    • The Rest: Mostly RSS readers and bots

I think that’s most of the interesting stuff. Evidently I need to target traffic a little better! 😉 Happily though, my most numerous hits for getting to my site involve WordPress and Travelogue, and Travelogue downloads are just up up up! Thanks for visiting everyone!