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I just realized that since switching hosts to TextDrive, I had lost my very last post about Travelogue and Safety, my two WordPress Themes. Well, there’s the announcement! Travelogue and Safety folks!

Travelogue is aimed at those that are using their blog as a, um, travelogue, but also works quite well for anyone else as well. It’s unique design is created for any-sized monitor, not just a column centered in the middle of the page. It paints the date differently than most themes (graphically, not just a line of text) and includes the PSD’s to change any graphical elements. Also supports a random header image through the use of php randomness and CSS classes. For more info, visit the Official Travelogue Page, and see who is using Travelogue around the blogosphere.

Safety was designed to fit some stringent standards, such as no graphics, only web-safe colors, and scale well to any size of display. Therefore, it isn’t going to shock your eyes when you see it. 😉 However, it is perfect for any sites looking to adhere to strick standards like this, so go at it! It achieves its rounded-corner effect through cross-browser compatible JavaScript. Also, the colors can all be very easily changed out to fit your needs. Dedicated page coming soon.

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Well this is kind of off-topic, but I saw your post in the TxD forums about going away for 2 years on a mission, and just thought it was pretty cool that there is another member who uses TextDrive. I’ll be going on mission at the end of the year myself, so I had similar concerns to yours. Especially since I am a VCII member. So yeah, just wanted to say hey. BTW I like your WordPress theme. =)


May 9, 2005 1:55 pm

Thanks for the kind words about the theme! Good luck with your mission, I’m getting quite excited for it!

May 10, 2005 9:55 am