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Ah, la belle vie! I lived in Waterloo for almost 4 years, and can say that in my international travels, is one of my (if not the) most favorite locale anywhere. From tourism to hospitality, Waterloo has it all!

Don’t miss any of the great historical sites of Waterloo, essentially the ending point of Napoleon Bonaparte’s conquest when he faced the Duke of Wellington. Visit the Lion of Waterloo landmark as well as the accompanying museum. And Belgium itself is full of history, most notably from the WWII era.

Other spots of required visitation while there include Brugge, the bustling market place north of Brussels, and all of the various chocolate shops around the country! The coast is not exactly something you’ll die missing, but be sure to visit the Ardenne Forest and especially the Bluebell Forest – absolutely beautiful!

Well there ya have it, my take on Waterloo and Belgium. Wonderful place! And if you can swing it, stay in Le Grand Hotel de Waterloo, they leave chocolates on your pillows every morning!