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Timothy Underwood CEO
Dave Myers

“Working with Sean has been so stress-free. Not only was he able to execute my long list of desires for my website, he made it seamless and easy for me to understand. He was able to create solutions to problems I was experiencing without engaging me in the tedious details. He went beyond my expectations, delivering more than I had asked for anticipating some needs I was going to soon face. I’m grateful for his attention to detail in his work and anticipating my needs. He is responsive, professional and has a great attitude while tackling challenging projects. He’s highly engaged with the client’s needs. I appreciate his willingness to deliver what the client is asking for and satisfying every part of a client’s request. I would highly recommend working with Sean!”

What impresses me most about Sean is his ability to listen patiently to my rambling description of a problem and then succinctly reflect back to me the key points I didn't even know I was making! He's able to stay focused and address competing issues one at a time, which is invaluable for those of us who struggle when looking at too many options at once.

Really wonderful job with our business website! Sean really address our specific needs for our business and made sure every concern was take care of!

It's been really great to have Sean's help creating my site, answering my questions, making sure it was professional and effective in communicating my message with visitors! I'm so excited for the impact it will have!

Timothy Underwood

"From October 2016 to March 2017, Sean Glynn's technical contributions helped advance our mission with essential documentation and testing assistance for one of our non-profit organization's websites, HopeOneSource. His direct efforts proved instrumental as we launched three new functions to further increase access for DC residents to the services they need to prevent and end homelessness. I gladly recommend Sean, as I am very appreciative of his support to the website. - Tim Underwood, Executive Director, Hope With Love"

Wonderful experiance working with Sean and his team! Definitely would recommend!

Sean did a wonderful understanding my clients and their needs, in order to create a lead-generating website. I've actually worked with him for years, and look forward to collaborating with him for future endeavors!